Treatment Programme

Dentist's room
by on 29th May 2015
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The initial appointment with your dentist will include an examination, taking of medical and dental history to determine the cause of discolouration (ageing, drug-induced, smoking, diet) as well as prognosis of the treatment. This examination often requires x-rays of the upper front teeth to check for the absence of disease. Discussions of your expectations, habits and any further matters will take place prior to the impressions to construct the mouthguard being taken.

Only one arch (jaw) is generally treated at a time. This helps to maintain a comparison of colour change within the arch. It is usually the upper teeth which are lightened first. You do not have to lighten the lower teeth if you do not wish to.

Fifty percent of patients remain stable for seven years, while some patients may need a short ‘top-up’ 18 months after the first treatment. This varies according to the individual.
Generally, tooth whitening is a simple, safe, non-invasive, cost-effect technique to whiten teeth in a short period of time, in your own home.

What could be a nicer way to smile through the new year.